This is my 100th post today.

Henry has 25-26 staples. I’m going to show a couple pictures that may be a little difficult to see. But, as I update you’ll be able to see his progress.

He is having the toughest time. Once he woke up more and more last night, the more freaked out he became. It was awful. I wanted to cry. (I actually did break down a little.) Henry is so incredibly miserable.

The lumps were attached to the muscle as well as the skin so tightly that our vet basically had to cut out some muscle and skin. So, Henry’s skin was stapled up, but it’s SO tight (because it has to be) that Henry’s not used to it. Imagine getting an extremely invasive thigh/tummy tuck and the skin is REALLY tight and you have to get used to it. Then imagine a being a dog and not understanding what’s happening to you at all. PANIC.

Our vet’s office was VERY gracious in letting us drop Henry off there this morning since HPS has a board meeting today and I’m working short staffed. So, they’re going to kind of babysit him and watch him for the day so in case something happens, he’ll be able to get immediate assistance.

Because the skin is so tight, it hurts Henry to bend his leg at all. He’s only comfortable standing and laying on his left side. Sadly, his leg has to be in a sitting position in order to lay down or stand up, so he cries ALL the time.

He was more alert this morning and wagged his tail when he saw us. So, he’s still trying to be his happy-go-lucky self.

I must have heard them wrong, too… The biopsy results should be back in ONE week. Not two.

I’ll keep you updated.

**Warning: Some of these pictures may be difficult to look at.**




Please keep this sweet, nurturing soul in your thoughts. Our vet said he’ll be in a lot of discomfort for the first week.

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