I heard some very good news tonight from our vet!


Our vet said that they were benign growths that are commonly seen in dogs with allergies. He doesn’t believe that Henry has ever had an allergic reaction, though. So, we’re not entirely sure why they grew in the first place. MSU was also pretty confident that our vet got it out completely. So, we may never see it again! If it does happen to come back our vet said that we could get Henry tested for allergies. But he doesn’t think it’s necessary at this time.

Here are a few pictures:


Henry looks pretty happy from the news… Though, it could be the “tasty” rawhide, too.


Charlie sticking his tongue out. Daily occurrence.

I do want to thank every that prayed and sent good vibes our way. It helped knowing that people were rooting for him. It was greatly appreciated. I’m sure that if Henry could see you in person that he’d give you a big, slobbery kiss. He loves giving those.

While talking to the vet tonight I was telling him how I’ve been taking pictures of Henry’s staples just to compare and make sure things are going as planned, he told me that it was actually a really good idea to do that.

So, below will be pictures of his staples. Day 7 will be the first picture and day one will be the last. You can really see what a difference there is. He’s healing up very well. If you don’t want to see, don’t scroll down. I wouldn’t blame you. Day one is pretty graphic and it was hard for me to look at.

Day 7 (it’s not really all that graphic):


Day 1:
**Graphic! Do not look if you’re squeamish. It’s a hi-res picture this time – not from my phone.**


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