This blog entry is going to be tough… Last week we discovered that Henry had a rather large lump on his right thigh. It’s about 3″ long and 1.5″ wide. No one wants to think that their one year old puppy has cancer… So, I did some research on what it could possibly be until Charlie and Henry went to the vet for their vaccinations today. I thought maybe it was a lipoma. (**Warning: the link has some pictures that some may find graphic. A lipoma is a fatty growth.)

Charlie and Henry went to the vet today for their vaccinations and our vet performed an examination of Henry’s lump. He doesn’t think it’s a lipoma. He’s really not sure what it is and won’t know until he gets it out. So, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers because Henry will be having surgery next Thursday to have it removed. Hopefully we’ll have some answers then. Our vet told us it could be a couple of things… Perhaps scar tissue from an injury (him and Charlie do play rather hard). But there is the possibility that it could be cancer. I called the breeder the other night to ask her if there is any cancer in his family history and she said no. She’s just as shocked as we are.

So, now we wait… The only things that are in our favor right now are Henry’s age and the fact that it doesn’t seem to hurt/bother him when we touch/pinch it.

There is never a dull moment for the McKinley clan.

Here are a few pictures:

Henry watching the birds.

Auggie sleeping. Yes, this is how he sleeps most of the time.


Charlie sleeping… He looks kind of like a swan sleeping.


Cogs is feeling much better. 🙂


Maggie sleeping.


Charlie and Henry watching some television before bed. 🙂

That’s all for now. Please keep us in your thoughts.

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