So, in my last post I told you that Brian and I were adopting another cat.

Very last minute we chose another cat. He was scheduled to be put down that night.

I got criticism in the past about adopting Maggie and Auggie. People have said things to me such as: Don’t you already have a ton? or What are you going to do when you finally have children? Which really bothers me. When I “finally” decide to have kids, they’ll grow up with compassion toward animals and hopefully make a difference for their own brood of animals someday. Growing up in the Demond house, it wasn’t uncommon to have 12 cats in our house, along with our 2 family dogs, and it wasn’t weird. I’m so very fortunate that my parents taught me to have compassion and to put other beings before myself. In short, this is my life with Brian, and we’re happy with our decisions.

I do want to point out that I haven’t gotten any criticism from anyone about Teddy and Pickles and the past criticism was from people that don’t read my blog… I’m merely telling you what’s been on my mind recently.

No matter how crazy people might think I am for having a lot of animals, the satisfaction you get when you know that you saved the life of something is far greater than any criticism I get. I’m an animal lover through and through and I will be until the day I die. Hopefully I’ll be remembered for it instead of the “crazy cat lady.”

Back story with Pickles:
He’s 5 months old. And his reason for being dropped off was “financial.” So, not sure what happened in his past, but he’s incredibly energetic and happy to be out of the shelter.

Pickles (Click to enlarge.)

Pickle Face (Click to enlarge.)


Back story with Teddy:
He’s an adult. I would say he’s between 1-4 years old. He’s had some sort of abuse/neglect. His tail has been broken and it’s possible he had some head trauma. His reason for being dropped off was “unwanted.”

Teddy Face (Click to enlarge.)

He looooves Brian! (Click to enlarge.)


We didn’t intend on getting Teddy. We knew he was set to be euthanized that day. Brian went to pick up Pickles at the shelter, but there was no one there to administer a rabies vaccine, so they let him go back and see Pickles. When Brian went back there, Pickles was just sleeping. Teddy, however, was staring at him. Needless to say, Brian was pretty emotional and downtrodden and just overall upset about Teddy’s ordeal. We talked about it and I told him that if he wanted me to that I would call the shelter to save Teddy. I married a great man, too. I really did. Teddy had until the end of the day. I called at 4:49 p.m. to see if he was still alive, basically, and they said yes. So, he was mere minutes or hours away from being euthanized.

What happened after that:
The next day, when someone was there to administer a rabies vaccine, Teddy and Pickles immediately went to our vet. Kudos to his staff for putting up with me calling every couple hours. They were given examinations. They were supposed to get their other vaccinations, but our vet noticed that had some pretty cruddy upper respiratory infections, so no vaccines at the moment. They got antibiotics instead. They’ve been quarantined in our basement storage room to recuperate from their infections, microchips, and neuterings. It’s been fine doing it this way, too. We’ve really gotten to know their personalities and they are very sweet and cuddly. Teddy has taken a particular liking to Brian, too. He gives love bites. What’s that old saying? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure? In the next couple of days they’ll get their vaccinations. Then, the real party will begin…

MUAHAHAHAHA! (Click to enlarge.)

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