I have finally decided to go to school to become a professional makeup artist. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a very, very long time.

This will take several months to complete, but I will be learning:

Makeup application
Learning to recognize skin tone / type
Learning to work with skin conditions
Men’s makeup, makeup for teens, makeup for pregnant women
Bridal makeup
False lashes application
Fashion / catwalk makeup tips
TV vs. Stage makeup
and a ton more.

I decided to go to an online school for this. I have no regrets. There wasn’t really anything around me that specifically taught me just makeup application. I plan on doing youtube videos someday, so I’d really like to have this skill set and knowledge. Most places near me just kind of blow over makeup application or they have a Mary Kay consultant come in for a day and teach makeup, but it’s not as extensive as I’d like for the cost. My instructor is a professional celebrity makeup artist. He’s really nice and has even been on a couple of seasons from America’s Next Top Model. I’ll be doing regular assignments and I’ll need to practice on pretty much anyone that I can get my hands on! I’ll upload my projects to him and in turn he’ll give me feedback; where I can actually download clips of his comments/concerns/etc.

I’m just super excited right now. I’m officially a student!

Hello! On this Labor Day Weekend, Brian and I got a lot done. We cleaned out our “spare/storage” room so that I could have a room where I can film beauty videos / makeup tutorials. I don’t really have all of the things that I need to do this, but I’m working on that. This is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. We recently got better internet out here in the boonies and between the hours of 3:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. we have unlimited EVERYTHING. Now that we have this, my dream of doing beauty videos is slowly becoming a reality. I can film and edit makeup tutorials or videos talking about some awesome products and schedule them to upload in the “unlimited” time frame. So, that’s pretty awesome. A while back I blogged about how I’d be posting reviews of some products, but that got really hard because sometimes it’s easier to say my thoughts out loud instead of having to type them all. Now that I have better videos, I do plan on utilizing this blog more for reviews, too. I don’t know when I’ll be able to get all that I need for filming, but I’m excited that it’s finally starting to happen!

Anyway, here’s my new space:



I’m really grateful that I can have a space to do this. Plus, the company is pretty great, too…


Charlie and Auggie




That’s our spare bed and a lot of the cats and dogs have been joining me as I set up and claim this little space.

Okay, I just wanted to write a quick post updating you all on Henry and his recovery.

On Friday, August 8th, Henry had 55 staples removed. Our vet decided that he wanted to keep a few of them in the area where Henry’s skin began to pull apart at the thigh incision. Everything went well.


Kind of blurry, but Henry actually really loves the vet. He loves all of the staff and they all really like him too. Our vet even commented how Henry is probably one of the most compliant dogs he’s ever come across. (Both him and Charlie are, really.)

On Monday, August 11th, Henry had his final 8 staples removed from the thigh incision.

20140811_174732 (1)

At this point I think he was just kinda done. Like, he just wants the cone off.

Annnd, he got his wish! Sort of…


Our vet advised us that Henry will probably still need his cone for a couple days because he’ll most likely try to lick the thigh incision. Not 1 minute after saying that, Henry was making out with the incision.

Since then, he has gotten a little freedom and the cone is off when we’re home with him. When we’re gone, the cone goes back on. With just that little amount of freedom, Henry was able to lick his incision a little bit (because he’s super sneaky) and we discovered it was fairly pinkish red on Saturday morning. Henry is back on an antibiotic and his cone is on about 90% of the time. The incision is very dry and almost scaly, so our vet told us to buy some lansinoh cream and put on the incision. We’re hoping that this will really moisturize the skin and hopefully when this round of antibiotics is done, he won’t want to lick the incision. We’re not sure if he wants to lick it because it’s itchy or if it’s because he couldn’t for so long. Time will tell.

Also, I wanted to mention that we’ll be getting some halfway decent internet and hopefully I’ll be able to post more blogs from home and not from my phone.

P.S. For anyone interested in what Henry’s thigh incision was (the scientific name), it is a fibroadnexal dysplasia. It is a “slowly growing non-neoplastic lesion of the skin that is thought to be a result from dysregulation in healing. It is cured by a complete removal.” We’re not sure if the trauma from this surgery will make it come back though.


Okay, we are 11 days post-op now. We had a little mishap last week. Brian and I decided to crate Henry for about 3 hours and one of us would come home and check on Henry, stay with him for an hour or so, and then come back to work leaving him for another 3 hours. This did not go as planned. It resulted in Brian coming home to a small pool of blood in Henry’s kennel. (Normally Charlie and Henry are crated together. It’s something that they just started doing and we didn’t deter them from doing it. They like to be together, they have enough room, so, it’s fine.) We’re not sure what happened exactly, but I was at work in a meeting and got a text from Brian telling me that I had to meet him at the vet ASAP. Thankfully my coworker, Caroline, was able to take me. I got to the vet first and gave the staff a head’s up. Brian got there with Henry shortly after and we waited. (This was at about 11:20. The vet closes at 12:00 on Wednesdays, so it was actually kind of perfect timing.) Henry had popped 2 staples and had 4 more on the verge of popping. Our vet put in a couple of reinforcement staples and told us to put some neosporin on the incision to help keep it moist. It’s on Henry’s thigh incision, so, it’s kind of asking the skin to do a lot right there. The skin is pulled tight, but any movement Henry makes is pulling it in the opposite direction. Our vet also wanted to postpone Henry’s drain tube removal for Monday because there was still a considerable amount coming out.

We basically decided at that point on that Henry can’t be left alone. We’re not sure if it was just itchy and he wouldn’t leave it alone, or if it was separation anxiety since he was alone in his crate. Brian ended up staying home Wednesday afternoon and Thursday & Friday.

I made arrangements for my brother, Jason, to come over and watch Henry this week so that Brian could return to work (he accrues more time than I do.)

From today’s appointment: We got Henry to the vet and the doctor removed his drain tube. I can’t tell you how relieved I am for that because it was just really gross. He thinks that Henry’s rump and lower abdomen incisions are coming along really well and will for sure be removed this Friday, the 8th. The thigh incision, however, will probably have to wait a little longer. It’s still being pulled in so many directions while it’s trying to fuse together. It will eventually, but it’ll take a little more time.

We got the results back from Henry’s thigh lump. They were able to actually identify it this time. I can’t remember the name, but when we go in on Friday for staple removals, I’ll ask them to make me a copy. Basically, the lumps form as a way of Henry’s body healing. Like, if there’s a knick or a cut or something, his body will kind of send way more tissue than the wound actually needs. This is slightly worrisome because obviously Henry’s body endured some trauma for this lump to be removed again. So, it’s very likely his body will overcompensate again and send extra tissue there AGAIN. It’s not cancerous and we have decided that if these lumps come back, we’ll just leave them alone. There’s no sense in causing the trauma to remove them if his body will just keep producing them from that trauma. Our vet said he sees this extra tissue growth a lot in horses.

We got back from the vet today and Jason met us at home. We gave him a quick briefing, ate lunch, and returned to work. Everything went well and I was able to work with an eased conscience.

I’m very grateful for everyone that has been contacting me every day asking how things are going. My Dad religiously calls me every night making sure all is well. It was a rough, gross week with that nasty drainage tube and I hope to never have another pet that requires one. It’s hard with animals because they can’t really communicate to you in ways that you’d like. Henry definitely cried a lot the first few days, but now he’s all smiles. Now we fear that Henry has morphed into a couch potato. Thanks again, everyone.



Below are some pictures of his incisions in case you’d like to see the progress. If you’re squeamish, it’s probably best to just not scroll down.


This is Henry’s rump incision from today after the drain was removed.


This is his thigh incision. You can see in the middle of the incision that it has pulled apart a little bit. This is where it will take more time to heal. Above that to the right there is a small teardrop shaped hole. That is where his skin is being pulled. This will also take time.

Friday night we had a standing appointment with our vet and after that we’d be taking Henry home (about 27 hours after surgery). First off, I’d like to update you about the vet, Henry’s prognosis, etc. Then I’ll include pictures – yes, they are graphic. I will warn you before if you don’t want to keep scrolling.

So you can get an idea of how large the lump on Henry’s rump is/was, here is a picture. He’s kind of a wiggle worm, so this was the best picture I could get.


We got to our vet appointment and this is what we were told: The largest mass (on his right rump area) was basically a fat capsule. It will probably continue to grow. We asked what would cause it and our vet said that sometimes certain dogs can have parts of their DNA kind of turn on like a switch and cause an over-production of some things; like fat. He’s surprised that this happened to Henry since he’s not really a fat dog already. During the surgery, our vet discovered that it is intrusive – meaning it has many fingers reaching out and grabbing onto things. One of its fingers is nestling on Henry’s sciatic nerve. Our vet, not wanting to cripple Henry, left it alone. We were originally told that he removed the top half of it. I’m assuming there was some miscommunication there because our vet decided to not remove any of it. His reason being that it can “kind of upset the Gods” and make things worse. I asked him if there was going to be a time in our future where Henry would have to have an amputation. He didn’t say no, but he assured us that Henry can get around for a good while with this. He said that Henry will most likely be using his back leg as a kickstand when he’s older. He’ll kind of secure it up when he’s running, but when he’s standing it’ll act is a kickstand. Though, an amputation could happen, he’d like to avoid that at all costs.

Regarding the smaller lumps on the lower thigh, he removed the lump itself, the skin it was attached to, as well as the connective tissue underneath that rests on the muscle. He wants to really make sure that this will never come back. He’s not sure how it came back in the first place. Because he had to remove the connective tissue, this will result in a lot more pain than he wanted for Henry, but he needed to be thorough. We spent and extra $80 to have this sent off for testing to once again make sure it isn’t cancerous.

Now regarding the kidney/bladder stones, they were actually bladder stones. (Staff kept saying both kidney stones and bladder stones.) Once he stapled Henry up on the rump and thigh, he flipped him on his back and made an incision to the lower abdomen to retrieve the bladder stones. Once he got in there, he discovered that they weren’t there any longer. This is frustrating because it’s another incision to bother him. Our vet also discovered that Henry has an incredibly wide urethra for a dog and that Henry most likely passed the stones with no problem. (He seriously said that if he were to write in a medical journal about Henry that no one would believe it was all about the same dog – poor guy.) To avoid future stones, Henry will permanently be on a special urinary tract vet food.

Shortly before we were leaving, the rest results came in regarding his allergies.
For allergy tests, if the score is between 2 and 6, then action needs to be taken.

Henry is allergic to:
Short ragweed – score 3
Mugwort – score 1
Russian thistle – score 2
Rough pigweed – score 3
Giant ragweed – score 4
Yellow dock – score 1
Maple (tree) – score 4
Willow (tree) – score 1
Red top (grass) – score 2
Orchard (grass) – score 3
June (grass) – score 2
Cat dander – score 2
Sheep wool – score 2
Human dander – score 2
D. pteronyssinus (dust mites) – score 1
D. farinae (dust mites) – score 2
Aspergillus (mold) – score 2
Cladosporium (mold) – score 4
Mucor (mold) – score 3

Once Henry has healed from this surgery, he will undergo allergy shots to help him out with this. They’ll take the top 12 offenders from the list to decide on what goes in the allergy shots. We live in the woods, so the botanical molds, grasses, and trees don’t help him one bit. We recently purchased THIS air purifier to help clean these things from the air in our home – it doesn’t help that the air conditioner is pulling them in. We’re vaccuming more often to help with the cat and human dander as well. Hopefully this will cut down on any reactions and help prevent his thigh lumps from coming back.

Life at home post-op is hard. And I mean, like this is the hardest. He is so miserable. He was sent home with pain meds and half the time they don’t cut it at all. We have been by his side the entire time he’s been home cleaning his drain and assisting him in laying down and getting up. Every 5-6 hours we’re putting a hot compress on the stapled area near his drain – we were told to do this to help any fluids drain out better. When the pain medicine has worn off and he’s not able to have another dose yet, we do another compress and this seems to really help with his pain. He’s also restless and cries constantly because he’s so uncomfortable. This has basically resulted in us getting very little sleep. This Friday, the 1st, he’ll he going in for an assessment of the drain site and hopefully they’ll remove the drain. The next Friday, the 8th, is when he’ll hopefully get his staples removed. On his thigh, there are 25 staples. On the upper rump area, there are 18 staples. We can’t really get a great look at his lower abdomen staples, but we estimate that there are about 12 or so. This is a lot of staples. We’ve had him for only a couple nights at this point, but it seems like it has been a week.

I’d like to thank everyone for their questions in asking about him, as well as the thoughts & prayers.

Below I’ll be posting the graphic pictures, so if you don’t want to see them, then please don’t scroll down. These pictures are merely for me to gauge the progress of the incisions as well as for future reference if/when the lump come back a couple years from now – I can always make a quick search and refresh my brain what was said.

Here the pictures:




(Click on any picture to enlarge.)




Henry gets the chills when he has a compress on. We got some safety blankets for Christmas last year, so we grabbed one really quickly. It helps keep the heat in for his compress.

If you remember this post, and this post, and this post, and this post, and this post, then you’ll remember that when Henry was about 1.5 years old he developed some lumps on his right thigh. It was a horrendous ordeal and Henry just had a horrible time recovering. Henry would literally scream every time he had to move his leg at all for the first 3-4 days because it was so tender and sore.

I know some people might think that these posts are useless. I share these updates with you (and to my facebook followers) so that you know what’s going on in my life regarding things that are important to me. I try to keep these posts going because I don’t want to forget what happened. I want to keep something “alive” and reference it from time to time. I always go back and reread my posts about Cogs, Aesop, Amelia, etc., because I don’t want to forget them. And posts like these and the ones I linked above are great for referencing as well as a timeline. (For instance, taking the pictures of Henry’s graphic staples were for us to see the progression of healing and to make sure something isn’t getting worse or turning some weird color. Not to mention that it’s good in case something gets worse and I can show the pictures to the vet.)

About a year ago, I noticed that Henry’s lumps came back. Since his first lumps were non-cancerous, I just assumed that these were as well and I didn’t really want to have to put him through another surgery if I didn’t have to. About 3-4 weeks ago, Henry had a vet appointment and the vet noticed that a larger lump had come in as well on the top of his rump on his right side. It was something that we didn’t even notice until it was pointed out to us. Now that I know it’s there, it’s all I can see. We didn’t want to do surgery right away because we were going on vacation and I really wanted Henry to be able to enjoy it – since the dogs travel with us. We had a plan that after we got back from vacation, we’d get Henry in for allergy testing and then have surgery in the next few weeks. (We found out that his lumps were most likely cause by allergies. And a few years ago we were told that when they came back we could get him tested for allergies to hopefully prevent more lumps from coming back.) In the 3-4 weeks until now, I know that Henry’s lump was all I could see when I looked at him. And I could swear it was getting bigger. On Tuesday, of this week, Henry had a vet appointment to be tested for allergies. Our vet didn’t like the look of the lump one bit. It WAS getting bigger and our vet wants to operate immediately. During that appointment, Henry had x-rays done of the area. Five kidney stones were discovered. We also found out that Henry’s more aggressive lump on his rump is growing in under the muscle and that the muscle is stretching outward. I’m hopeful that since it’s underneath muscle, that they’ll be able to close Henry up really well. If you look at my past posts regarding these lumps, you’ll see that Henry’s skin had to be stretched so tightly so that they could close it because the previous lumps were unwilling to let go of surrounding skin and muscle. I’m hoping that this aggressive lump isn’t touching skin at all. With the large size of it, if a lot of skin needs to be removed, we may be dealing with an open wound and they have a recovery period of 6-8 weeks. I really don’t want to make Henry wear a cone for 6-8 weeks. Not to mention that Charlie will go crazy being apart from Henry for that long.

Next Thursday, the 24th, we will be dropping Henry off before work and picking him up on Friday, the 25th, after work. Our vet will be removing the five kidney stones as well as the largest lump. The vet believes this will be a lengthy operation, so the two small lumps on his thigh (they came back in the exact same spots) might have to wait and a second surgery be performed.

In this picture I have added a blue circle to where the lump is to give you an idea of the size of the lump. (Click to enlarge.)
20140716_191158 Edit


Please keep Henry in your thoughts. This is going to be rough.

Thank you.

Sorry I haven’t posted much. I don’t really have reliable internet at home, so I have to compose posts on my breaks at work or on my phone. I have been composing this post for quite a while.

First, Brian and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in Cheboygan/Topinabee/Mackinaw City/Mackinac Island. We had 10 glorious days off and it was just great. Brian’s family also spent a few days up in Mackinaw City and it was nice to get to hang out with them. It’s so weird to think that Brian and I have been married for 5 YEARS. Yet sometimes it feels like we’ve been together forever.

As always, the dogs accompanied us on our vacation. It was a little rocky for the first 3 days or so because we were staying with friends and one of the people in the house just absolutely terrified Henry enough to where he was shaking and cowering constantly. If anyone knows Henry, they’d know that he’s not like that at all. He’s a happy-go-lucky kind of guy that just loves everything. It was just very unlike him. I’m so thankful for my mother-in-law because where we were staying we had NO cell phone service and she helped us book a room so that we could see them up in Mackinaw. Otherwise, we were just going to go home. After we left Cheboygan area for Mackinaw City, Henry just wasn’t the same. It was almost like he was broken. He was terrified of EVERYTHING. So, we looked up pet stores in the area to see if there were any near us so that we could try a Thundershirt (if you’re unfamiliar with them, click HERE.) I was always skeptical of them, but we were so desperate for him to calm down that we were willing to do anything to get him back to normal. The Thundershirt has a special patch on it where you can spray a calming spray on it and that will also help with calming them. (We bought THIS ONE). Long story, I know… The closest pet store was in Petoskey. Brian offered to go so that I could stay and try to keep Henry calm in his new environment. He got back a couple hours later and we put it on Henry immediately with the calming spray. Within a few minutes he was laying down and calmer. After about a day of wearing it off an on, he was back to normal. We were SO relieved!

20140704_091159 (1)

Here’s Henry in his thundershirt.

Shortly before we left for vacation, we found out that Henry has to have a major surgery. I’ll update you with another post about that.

For now, he are some pictures from our vacation…
(Please click on any picture to enlarge.)


Swimmin’! We got the pool all to ourselves.


5 years!


Walking on the trail that goes around Mullet Lake in Cheboygan/Topinabee area.



Mullet Lake


Hen laying around.


Brian made a friend. They pretty much only talked about Legos, Star Wars, and Lego Star Wars. 😉


Carlos catching Z’s.


Heading to the Island from Shepler’s.


The kites at Mackinac Island.


Some cuties at Mackinac. 🙂


Ellie playing at the playground on the island.




The bridge!


Fireworks over Lake Huron.





Charlie at the beach on Lake Huron.


Charlie “people watching.”


Brian and Henry at the beach.


Chuckleberry hound smiles.




Charlie and Henry relaxing on the bed with me.

All-in-all, it was a great vacation. It was nice to get away and not have a schedule.

In my next post, I’ll update you on what’s going on with Henry.

Cognac passed away on April 7, 2014. He randomly developed an aortic blood clot that lodged itself in such a way that his back legs weren’t being supplied with blood. When I got home from work that day, I sensed something was wrong with him. I always pay attention to my cats’ behavior, but I did more with Cogs. Cogs has not had an easy life. We were originally told by our past vet that Cognac was allergic to his teeth. He’d had all but 12 teeth removed, an abscess removal, countless upper respiratory infections, as well as smacking his head and going blind for a few weeks. Our current vet was finally able to diagnose what was wrong with Cognac after about 4.5 years; calici virus – incurable. Our vet said that Cogs probably lives every day with a horrible sinus headache because of the virus. We wrapped our heads around it, and were eventually able to move on. I always had special, sweet moments with Cogs. About once a week I’d check his breath to smell for any infection. He hated it, but he dealt with it like a champ. This aortic blood clot was really just salt on the wound. I’m going to be frank… It really pisses me off that he had to die this way. As if he already hadn’t been dealt a rough hand in life. I’m really glad that I sensed something was wrong with him because our vet said he’s seen some cats come in after 20+ hours with the clot and they already have rigor mortis setting in their hind legs. He told us that this was really rare and out of his 5,500 patients, he sees this maybe twice a year. It didn’t really make us feel better, but I’m glad we caught this clot early.

I will never forget the moment that I saw Cogs for the first time or how he won me over and we decided to adopt him. We went to a place in GR called Jandy’s Home, which I believe is no longer in business. It was horrible. It was the size of a single car garage that had at LEAST 30 cats in it. Cognac was perched up high on a cat pen. (It was similar to THIS one, only not as spacious. He was up pretty high.) I would have never noticed he was up there. All of a sudden, I felt something on my shoulder; his foot. The next thing I knew, he was sitting on my shoulder. He perched himself up there the entire time we were there. We fell in love with him and just couldn’t say no. (We also adopted Georgia that day.) After Cognac’s diagnosis, I actually started to hate where he came from because in that cramped hell hole of a place (albeit, they had good intentions) was where he most likely came in contact with the calici virus. I hated that he was in pain every day, but I was comforted in knowing that we could help control it with pulse therapy antibiotics.

Another thing I’d like to add is that Cognac loved EVERYONE that came in contact with him. He especially loved our Goddaughter, Natilee. When she was over, he was always close by. When she saw him, she did nothing but giggle at him.



I have a better picture of him somewhere that I’m still looking for. Natilee was giggling nonstop at the site of him on his cat tower. When I find it, I’ll insert it here. (I have hoards of pictures, really.)

Found it/them…

Cogs Nat

Cogs Nat 2

Cogs Nat 3

Baby giggles ensued…


Next I’d like to just add a series of some of my favorite pictures of him. Please click on any picture to enlarge.

Cogs and I:

Cogsy crop

Cogsy 1

This picture was kind of funny. I had just taken a picture of the two of us. I surprised him and he looked super annoyed in the picture. Once he woke up, he got on my back and laid there leaving me trapped.


Cognac was always an “in your face” kind of cat.

Cogs and Brian:


Cognac was the only cat I ever knew that got a puffy tail when he was happy.


Laying with B.


Cogs and pals:


Cogs and Aesop were always inseperable. We lost Aesop a few years ago to feline leukemia. We always joked that Aesop didn’t know what personal space meant, and you’ll see why…





Even as a baby, Aesop knew he liked Cogs.


Cognac and Georgia were pretty much BFFs. I’m not sure if she realizes something happened to him or if she’s just looking for him trying to find him.


Next, the “upside down looker” pictures…


Cogs had a knack for laying upside down. I have a ton of pictures that look just like this one.


Next are just some of my favorites…








Notice his tail? He was my long string bean.





Cogs Caves


Cogs bathroom

Cognac was a huge part of my morning routine. If he wasn’t on our bed, he was in our bathroom. So much so, that we put a bed in there for him. Almost every morning he nagged me to get out of the tub so that he could drink the shower water. This has been hard for me transitioning into him not being around, but I know I can heal.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

My hair used to be super curly, though I could never get my hair to hold curl from a curling iron. When I hit the age of about 24 I noticed that I lost most of the curl in my hair. It’s been quite difficult because I’m not really sure how to style my hair anymore – Thanks, hormones! What I didn’t know is that now that my hair has changed, I can actually get curl from a curling iron to stick! I don’t know when that changed happened, but I’m just discovering this at 28 years old.

I’ve been dabbling into styling my hair now. I’m learning and watching tutorials online because it’s not like I grew up doing this over and over. I recently bought this conical iron. <-- Clickable link This curling iron gets super hot. No joke. Like, over 400 degrees. Insane! I don’t, obviously, use the highest setting because, you know, we’ve all seen that video and I’m scared. (If you don’t know the video I’m referring to, please CLICK HERE.)

What I don’t like: Nothing, really! I love this thing!

What I do like: I like that it holds its heat and that it’s consistent throughout the whole curl. I love everything about this iron.

Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes!

Would I buy this again? I hope I don’t have to!

I think it works pretty awesome!
Profile Pictures

A while back, a friend had me join influenster. I’m still not entirely sure what it is completely. Basically they send you products, based on your liking, and you review them.

I received the Venus® Embrace Sensitive Razor a while back and then everything with my Dad happened again, so I’m just now taking the time to review this razor.

This is gross, but I waited a super long time to use this razor because I wanted to see how it would do on long leg hair. I used it this morning and it worked really well. It took that hair off super fast. (Now my legs are cold 😉 ) I have no irritations with this razor, either. I usually get irritations on my legs and don’t like shaving them. This was a breeze and only took me about 6 or 7 minutes.

Would I recommend these to a friend? Yes. Definitely.

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