Brian and I had another cougar sighting last night. And I thought I’d try to document it on here while it’s still so fresh in my memory.

Brian and I got home last night at around 11:00 p.m. – we had gone grocery shopping. While Brian carried in groceries, I decided to let the dogs out to potty. We take them out separately to go because otherwise they’ll play the entire time. So, I was out with Henry in the dark. Our neighbor dogs could be heard through the woods. They were in their outside kennel probably playing or something. They were really loud. I grabbed a hold of Henry so that I could identify the noises. Brian comes up to me a little bit to ask me what I’m doing and all of a sudden the dogs are quiet. So quiet, like they vanished. So, I start scanning the woods by our house. And in between two large trees I see the cougar. I leaned forward to get a better look and it was almost like it sensed that I saw it and within a flash it was gone. We take Henry inside. Brian grabs a shotgun – it has a bright flashlight on the end – and I grab a blindingly bright flashlight and we head back out so that Charlie can potty. Now, our house is up on a hill and we have a raised deck. Brian gets on our deck and scans the woods down the hill. I’m scanning the woods while Charlie does what a dog does best. We’re out with Charlie for maybe 4-5 minutes. For the entire time, Brian has the light flashed down on the cougar until we came back in. I don’t know if it knew we were watching it, but it stayed still down there. Once Charlie was done, we were back inside safe.

Today we took a walk through the woods from where I saw it last night.

This is what we found:
(Click to enlarge.)

Back a year ago when we first saw the cougar, we did a lot of research – and I mean a lot – and learned that their feet can be 3-3.5″ wide and 4-4.5″ long. That’s basically what this picture is showing here.

This photo is actually where Brian saw the cougar last night. We noticed these two disturbances in the leaves and measured. In our research, we have also learned that a cougar’s stride is about 16″ – 24″. Which, is what this appears to be.

That’s all for now.

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