Oh my gosh! Can you believe it? I, Amy, am finally writing a blog post! No need to pinch yourselves because you are NOT dreaming!

Things have been going nonstop with my Dad since April. We’re awaiting another surgery and my life has been a little crazy trying to juggle work, home, running/workouts, and things with my Dad. So this blog has been neglected. *sad face*

Anyway, remember a long time ago when I did this post? Well, I found an even better green for it! So, I did it again – somewhat.

Today’s post features:
Catrice – Miss Piggy’s BF (I’ve linked to the site I bought it from.)
Milani White – (Can be found at most stores like Meijer.)
Kiss Nail Art – Black (Can be found at most stores like Meijer. I know Amazon used to have it.)
Top Coat: Poshe Polish (I’ve linked to where I bought it.)

On most nail blogs people are gaga for Seche Vite top coat and I must admit that I fell into that trap believing it was a good top coat. Then I noticed that part-way through a bottle that it started turning my polishes yellow. My manicurist had the same issue and told me about Poshe and I believe that it works better than Seche Vite.

Please click to enlarge pictures.

1-up 2 cropped

Sorry for the poor quality of this one. It was with my phone and not in the best lighting.

1-up cropped

Pretty awesome, huh!?

I love this green so much that I may even attempt a Yoshi. I’ve sketched it out, but I’m still not sure how to execute it since I have freakishly small nails.

For my next post, I’d like to blog about nail stamping. It’s something that I’m really into right now and I’m still practicing with, but hopefully I’ll have something soon to show you what I’ve been up to nail-wise.

Have a good day!

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