Cognac passed away on April 7, 2014. He randomly developed an aortic blood clot that lodged itself in such a way that his back legs weren’t being supplied with blood. When I got home from work that day, I sensed something was wrong with him. I always pay attention to my cats’ behavior, but I did more with Cogs. Cogs has not had an easy life. We were originally told by our past vet that Cognac was allergic to his teeth. He’d had all but 12 teeth removed, an abscess removal, countless upper respiratory infections, as well as smacking his head and going blind for a few weeks. Our current vet was finally able to diagnose what was wrong with Cognac after about 4.5 years; calici virus – incurable. Our vet said that Cogs probably lives every day with a horrible sinus headache because of the virus. We wrapped our heads around it, and were eventually able to move on. I always had special, sweet moments with Cogs. About once a week I’d check his breath to smell for any infection. He hated it, but he dealt with it like a champ. This aortic blood clot was really just salt on the wound. I’m going to be frank… It really pisses me off that he had to die this way. As if he already hadn’t been dealt a rough hand in life. I’m really glad that I sensed something was wrong with him because our vet said he’s seen some cats come in after 20+ hours with the clot and they already have rigor mortis setting in their hind legs. He told us that this was really rare and out of his 5,500 patients, he sees this maybe twice a year. It didn’t really make us feel better, but I’m glad we caught this clot early.

I will never forget the moment that I saw Cogs for the first time or how he won me over and we decided to adopt him. We went to a place in GR called Jandy’s Home, which I believe is no longer in business. It was horrible. It was the size of a single car garage that had at LEAST 30 cats in it. Cognac was perched up high on a cat pen. (It was similar to THIS one, only not as spacious. He was up pretty high.) I would have never noticed he was up there. All of a sudden, I felt something on my shoulder; his foot. The next thing I knew, he was sitting on my shoulder. He perched himself up there the entire time we were there. We fell in love with him and just couldn’t say no. (We also adopted Georgia that day.) After Cognac’s diagnosis, I actually started to hate where he came from because in that cramped hell hole of a place (albeit, they had good intentions) was where he most likely came in contact with the calici virus. I hated that he was in pain every day, but I was comforted in knowing that we could help control it with pulse therapy antibiotics.

Another thing I’d like to add is that Cognac loved EVERYONE that came in contact with him. He especially loved our Goddaughter, Natilee. When she was over, he was always close by. When she saw him, she did nothing but giggle at him.



I have a better picture of him somewhere that I’m still looking for. Natilee was giggling nonstop at the site of him on his cat tower. When I find it, I’ll insert it here. (I have hoards of pictures, really.)

Found it/them…

Cogs Nat

Cogs Nat 2

Cogs Nat 3

Baby giggles ensued…


Next I’d like to just add a series of some of my favorite pictures of him. Please click on any picture to enlarge.

Cogs and I:

Cogsy crop

Cogsy 1

This picture was kind of funny. I had just taken a picture of the two of us. I surprised him and he looked super annoyed in the picture. Once he woke up, he got on my back and laid there leaving me trapped.


Cognac was always an “in your face” kind of cat.

Cogs and Brian:


Cognac was the only cat I ever knew that got a puffy tail when he was happy.


Laying with B.


Cogs and pals:


Cogs and Aesop were always inseperable. We lost Aesop a few years ago to feline leukemia. We always joked that Aesop didn’t know what personal space meant, and you’ll see why…





Even as a baby, Aesop knew he liked Cogs.


Cognac and Georgia were pretty much BFFs. I’m not sure if she realizes something happened to him or if she’s just looking for him trying to find him.


Next, the “upside down looker” pictures…


Cogs had a knack for laying upside down. I have a ton of pictures that look just like this one.


Next are just some of my favorites…








Notice his tail? He was my long string bean.





Cogs Caves


Cogs bathroom

Cognac was a huge part of my morning routine. If he wasn’t on our bed, he was in our bathroom. So much so, that we put a bed in there for him. Almost every morning he nagged me to get out of the tub so that he could drink the shower water. This has been hard for me transitioning into him not being around, but I know I can heal.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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