If you remember this post, and this post, and this post, and this post, and this post, then you’ll remember that when Henry was about 1.5 years old he developed some lumps on his right thigh. It was a horrendous ordeal and Henry just had a horrible time recovering. Henry would literally scream every time he had to move his leg at all for the first 3-4 days because it was so tender and sore.

I know some people might think that these posts are useless. I share these updates with you (and to my facebook followers) so that you know what’s going on in my life regarding things that are important to me. I try to keep these posts going because I don’t want to forget what happened. I want to keep something “alive” and reference it from time to time. I always go back and reread my posts about Cogs, Aesop, Amelia, etc., because I don’t want to forget them. And posts like these and the ones I linked above are great for referencing as well as a timeline. (For instance, taking the pictures of Henry’s graphic staples were for us to see the progression of healing and to make sure something isn’t getting worse or turning some weird color. Not to mention that it’s good in case something gets worse and I can show the pictures to the vet.)

About a year ago, I noticed that Henry’s lumps came back. Since his first lumps were non-cancerous, I just assumed that these were as well and I didn’t really want to have to put him through another surgery if I didn’t have to. About 3-4 weeks ago, Henry had a vet appointment and the vet noticed that a larger lump had come in as well on the top of his rump on his right side. It was something that we didn’t even notice until it was pointed out to us. Now that I know it’s there, it’s all I can see. We didn’t want to do surgery right away because we were going on vacation and I really wanted Henry to be able to enjoy it – since the dogs travel with us. We had a plan that after we got back from vacation, we’d get Henry in for allergy testing and then have surgery in the next few weeks. (We found out that his lumps were most likely cause by allergies. And a few years ago we were told that when they came back we could get him tested for allergies to hopefully prevent more lumps from coming back.) In the 3-4 weeks until now, I know that Henry’s lump was all I could see when I looked at him. And I could swear it was getting bigger. On Tuesday, of this week, Henry had a vet appointment to be tested for allergies. Our vet didn’t like the look of the lump one bit. It WAS getting bigger and our vet wants to operate immediately. During that appointment, Henry had x-rays done of the area. Five kidney stones were discovered. We also found out that Henry’s more aggressive lump on his rump is growing in under the muscle and that the muscle is stretching outward. I’m hopeful that since it’s underneath muscle, that they’ll be able to close Henry up really well. If you look at my past posts regarding these lumps, you’ll see that Henry’s skin had to be stretched so tightly so that they could close it because the previous lumps were unwilling to let go of surrounding skin and muscle. I’m hoping that this aggressive lump isn’t touching skin at all. With the large size of it, if a lot of skin needs to be removed, we may be dealing with an open wound and they have a recovery period of 6-8 weeks. I really don’t want to make Henry wear a cone for 6-8 weeks. Not to mention that Charlie will go crazy being apart from Henry for that long.

Next Thursday, the 24th, we will be dropping Henry off before work and picking him up on Friday, the 25th, after work. Our vet will be removing the five kidney stones as well as the largest lump. The vet believes this will be a lengthy operation, so the two small lumps on his thigh (they came back in the exact same spots) might have to wait and a second surgery be performed.

In this picture I have added a blue circle to where the lump is to give you an idea of the size of the lump. (Click to enlarge.)
20140716_191158 Edit


Please keep Henry in your thoughts. This is going to be rough.

Thank you.

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