Okay, we are 11 days post-op now. We had a little mishap last week. Brian and I decided to crate Henry for about 3 hours and one of us would come home and check on Henry, stay with him for an hour or so, and then come back to work leaving him for another 3 hours. This did not go as planned. It resulted in Brian coming home to a small pool of blood in Henry’s kennel. (Normally Charlie and Henry are crated together. It’s something that they just started doing and we didn’t deter them from doing it. They like to be together, they have enough room, so, it’s fine.) We’re not sure what happened exactly, but I was at work in a meeting and got a text from Brian telling me that I had to meet him at the vet ASAP. Thankfully my coworker, Caroline, was able to take me. I got to the vet first and gave the staff a head’s up. Brian got there with Henry shortly after and we waited. (This was at about 11:20. The vet closes at 12:00 on Wednesdays, so it was actually kind of perfect timing.) Henry had popped 2 staples and had 4 more on the verge of popping. Our vet put in a couple of reinforcement staples and told us to put some neosporin on the incision to help keep it moist. It’s on Henry’s thigh incision, so, it’s kind of asking the skin to do a lot right there. The skin is pulled tight, but any movement Henry makes is pulling it in the opposite direction. Our vet also wanted to postpone Henry’s drain tube removal for Monday because there was still a considerable amount coming out.

We basically decided at that point on that Henry can’t be left alone. We’re not sure if it was just itchy and he wouldn’t leave it alone, or if it was separation anxiety since he was alone in his crate. Brian ended up staying home Wednesday afternoon and Thursday & Friday.

I made arrangements for my brother, Jason, to come over and watch Henry this week so that Brian could return to work (he accrues more time than I do.)

From today’s appointment: We got Henry to the vet and the doctor removed his drain tube. I can’t tell you how relieved I am for that because it was just really gross. He thinks that Henry’s rump and lower abdomen incisions are coming along really well and will for sure be removed this Friday, the 8th. The thigh incision, however, will probably have to wait a little longer. It’s still being pulled in so many directions while it’s trying to fuse together. It will eventually, but it’ll take a little more time.

We got the results back from Henry’s thigh lump. They were able to actually identify it this time. I can’t remember the name, but when we go in on Friday for staple removals, I’ll ask them to make me a copy. Basically, the lumps form as a way of Henry’s body healing. Like, if there’s a knick or a cut or something, his body will kind of send way more tissue than the wound actually needs. This is slightly worrisome because obviously Henry’s body endured some trauma for this lump to be removed again. So, it’s very likely his body will overcompensate again and send extra tissue there AGAIN. It’s not cancerous and we have decided that if these lumps come back, we’ll just leave them alone. There’s no sense in causing the trauma to remove them if his body will just keep producing them from that trauma. Our vet said he sees this extra tissue growth a lot in horses.

We got back from the vet today and Jason met us at home. We gave him a quick briefing, ate lunch, and returned to work. Everything went well and I was able to work with an eased conscience.

I’m very grateful for everyone that has been contacting me every day asking how things are going. My Dad religiously calls me every night making sure all is well. It was a rough, gross week with that nasty drainage tube and I hope to never have another pet that requires one. It’s hard with animals because they can’t really communicate to you in ways that you’d like. Henry definitely cried a lot the first few days, but now he’s all smiles. Now we fear that Henry has morphed into a couch potato. Thanks again, everyone.



Below are some pictures of his incisions in case you’d like to see the progress. If you’re squeamish, it’s probably best to just not scroll down.


This is Henry’s rump incision from today after the drain was removed.


This is his thigh incision. You can see in the middle of the incision that it has pulled apart a little bit. This is where it will take more time to heal. Above that to the right there is a small teardrop shaped hole. That is where his skin is being pulled. This will also take time.

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