I have finally decided to go to school to become a professional makeup artist. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a very, very long time.

This will take several months to complete, but I will be learning:

Makeup application
Learning to recognize skin tone / type
Learning to work with skin conditions
Men’s makeup, makeup for teens, makeup for pregnant women
Bridal makeup
False lashes application
Fashion / catwalk makeup tips
TV vs. Stage makeup
and a ton more.

I decided to go to an online school for this. I have no regrets. There wasn’t really anything around me that specifically taught me just makeup application. I plan on doing youtube videos someday, so I’d really like to have this skill set and knowledge. Most places near me just kind of blow over makeup application or they have a Mary Kay consultant come in for a day and teach makeup, but it’s not as extensive as I’d like for the cost. My instructor is a professional celebrity makeup artist. He’s really nice and has even been on a couple of seasons from America’s Next Top Model. I’ll be doing regular assignments and I’ll need to practice on pretty much anyone that I can get my hands on! I’ll upload my projects to him and in turn he’ll give me feedback; where I can actually download clips of his comments/concerns/etc.

I’m just super excited right now. I’m officially a student!

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