Canine Companions-

Charlie & Henry: Charlie and Henry are our two dogs. It’s weird using that term because I consider them to be puppies still. They are litter mates and are very much attached to each other. They’re weird because they love going to the vet, too. Even Henry, and he’s the pro at vet visits.

Head Tilt

Head tilter, Charlie. (Click to enlarge.)


Henry. (Click to enlarge.)


Someone looks innocent. (Click to enlarge.)


Henry is tired. (Click to enlarge.)


Charlie with a toy. (Click to enlarge.)


Look at their baby fluff!



Feline Snobs Companions-

Cognac, 4yrs.: He’s had many problems in his lifetime; incurable virus, tooth removals, temporary blindness, an abscess removal, etc. But he’s our lovable guy. And when you pet him, his tail puffs up.

Puffy Tail, Cogs. (Click to enlarge.)


I got my eye on you, human. (Click to enlarge.)


Upside down looker. (Click to enlarge.)



Georgia, 5 yrs.: Georgia was adopted from a shelter that’s no longer in business. Cognac came from there, too. Georgia hates being held and loves being chased by Brian. We were told that she was rescued from Hurricane Katrina.

Sleepy Georgia (Click to enlarge.)

Georgia. (Click to enlarge.)


Bella, 8 yrs.: Bella is my cat from before I got married when I lived with my parents. She was adopted from a high kill shelter. She’s the fastest cat that Brian has ever seen. She also catches treats in her mouth like dog.

Doesn't she just look so enthusiastic?


Maggie, 3 yrs.: Maggie was adopted from a shelter. She’s part manx, so she has no tail. It’s hardly a nub. But she’s spunky and it doesn’t set her back. She found love in our foster cat, Cheech.

Maggie and her nub. (Click to enlarge.)


Augustus, 2.5 yrs.: Auggie came from the same shelter as Maggie. He’s seriously the silliest cat I’ve ever had. He was rescued from a festival and was in rough shape. Some people were circled around him doing God knows what to him. A rescuer from the shelter took him. He had an eye infection so bad that it caused him to be blind in his left eye. Long after the infection, they discovered that he was in copious amounts of pain from the damage, so he underwent an eye removal. That’s why it always looks like he’s winking. He’s a great cat and is infatuated with his BFF’s, Charlie and Henry.


Sleeping the day away.


Teddy (1-4 year) and Pickles (6 months):
Read their story here.

Teddy. (Click to enlarge.)

Pickles. (Click to enlarge.)


Cheech, 10.5 yrs.: Ah, Cheech, our foster cat. Cheech is really a great cat. But he likes to pee on things. I know it’s blunt, but he does. We’re doing everything under the sun to get him to stop. He stops for the most part, but every once in a while it’s like, he’s just gotta do it or something. Sigh. It’s okay, though. We work with him and love him.

Our deceased, but still loved, pets:

Aesop and Amelia:
Aesop and Amelia were rescues – from the same litter. They were born feline leukemia positive. Amelia was a fantastic cat. She loved to be held anytime, anywhere. She died July 6, 2010 at 10 months old. Aesop definitely did not know what personal space meant. He stared our two year (at the time) Goddaughter in the face and didn’t blink – his good eye. He died January 18, 2011 at 16 months old.

Gone but not forgotten. Missed every day.

Aesop's Preferred way of laying. (Click to Enlarge.)

Amelia's last picture. (Click to Enlarge.)

Amelia and Aesop at 5 weeks. (Click to Enlarge.)

Aesop. (Click to Enlarge.)

Amelia playing. (Click to Enlarge.)

Aesop's straight tail.

Aesop and Amelia - still babies

Cuddling on the bath mat. (Click to Enlarge.)

Personal space? Aesop with Cognac. (Click to Enlarge.)

Amelia mid-play. (Click to Enlarge.)

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